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Bassett Featured on NCAA Reform

The Finger Lakes Times spotlighted William Smith Athletics Director Susan Bassett's role as chair of the NCAA Management Council in the recent reforms passed by the council. The NCAA Division III membership adopted eight proposals as part of a reform package at its annual legislative session on Jan. 12, at the NCAA's annual convention in Nashville, Tenn. A member of the Management Council since 1999, Bassett completed her four-year term on the council at the convention. After serving as the vice chair in 2002, she spent the past year as the council's chair, spearheading the reform movement.

The story ran Jan. 27, and was titled “Division III; NCAA's 'conscience' — William Smith AD was an integral part of recently passed reforms.” According to the article, in an effort to reiterate the importance of academics, the proposals voted in by Division III members included banning redshirting for reasons other than medical, shortening playing and practice seasons by 10 percent, and requiring member schools to provide a financial-aid review to the NCAA.

“I think there are a lot of people who think that Division III has always been the conscience of the [NCAA],” Bassett reasoned. “When you look at the NCAA and the multibillion-dollar contract with CBS, which funds everything — I mean everything — it would be so easy for Division I to just say, 'Pffft, get lost.'

Hobart Athletics Director Mike Hanna agreed, saying, “It was important that some of it passed so that Division III actually acts like the division we say we are.”