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Panelists Discuss Latest Primaries

The Finger Lakes Times presidential election panel weighed in after the New Hampshire primaries to discuss their opinions of the candidates. DeWayne Lucas, assistant professor of political science, said the campaign has held few surprises for him. He was hoping North Carolina's John Edwards would distance himself from Gen. Wesley H. Clark and Sen. Joe Lieberman and close the gap with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean in New Hampshire.

“I'm becoming more disappointed with Lieberman in the race. His comment about being in a three-way tie with Clark and Edwards just seemed to be grasping for straws. I expect, of the candidates in the race, he will be the next to pull out,” Lucas said.

Rosario Vivando-Millington '74 was surprised that Dean was second while Edwards dropped to third. “Kerry seemed to become more assertive on certain issues out of his long list of programs, such as veterans' rights and participation by workers in economic growth. The problem I have with him is that he spent so much time in the Congress serving constituents rather than deciding on his own and carrying the decision through. He seems to discover an issue, go for it and then forget about it or change his stance,” she observed.

Anna Quinn '08 noticed some changes in Dean's campaign as he tries to counteract Sen. John Kerry's back-to-back victories. “This was a huge win for Kerry, and he has to continue to go strong for the month to come,” observed Quinn, who identifies herself with no particular political party and will register after she turns 18 in June.

The story was published Jan. 30, and was titled “Some candidates disappoint: Lieberman and Clark not meeting expectations.”