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‘Cows Come Home’ Exhibition at Houghton House

Colleges' art professor will display his latest bovine artwork

(March 16, 2004) GENEVA, N.Y.–Mark Jones, associate professor of art, will display his recent paintings in an exhibition titled “Cows Come Home” at Houghton House Gallery on the Hobart and William Smith Colleges campus from March 26 to April 16. An opening reception will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, March 26.

Using painting techniques similar to those of 17th-century artists like Rembrandt and Paulus Potter, Jones explores his bovine theme in new and unexpected ways. Images of the paintings can be viewed online at http://academic.hws.edu/art/fac_jones.html.

“Cows function as metaphors in Western consciousness in many ways,” said Jones. “For me, the most salient point is that they exist in that netherworld between nature and culture. They're neither wild animals nor domestic pets. We nurture them, then we kill them and eat them. That same sort of ambivalence and confusion seems to permeate our relationship to our natural environment.”

Several of the paintings from the series “Cows Come Home” were shown at the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca in September. An award-winning photographer, Jones exhibited four of his photographs in an exhibition titled “Art and the Environment” at TOTO USA in New York City in October, and he also has several images in an exhibition titled “H2O,” which opened at Danese Gallery in New York City and is touring nationwide.

A 1972 graduate of Hobart College, Jones later earned the M.F.A. from Brooklyn College. In addition to his regular teaching duties at HWS, he will lead the off-campus program in Vietnam fall 2004. He has served a term as assistant dean for program development, been a leader in the Colleges' Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute, and led the HWS off-campus program in Los Angeles. He gave the Hobart Charter Day address in 2002.


A hi-res photo of Jones' painting “Watching You” is available at http://campus.hws.edu/new/releases/hiRes/jones_watchingyou.jpg