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George Bellows Lithograph Collection Exhibited

Lecture by co-curators kicks off opening of work by American painter and lithographer George Bellows

(April 1, 2004) GENEVA, N.Y.– George Bellows is considered one of the giants of 20th century American art. Using broad, bold strokes and a masterful use of light and shade, Bellows was a master lithographer who produced 195 lithographs between 1916 and 1925. These lithographs depict scenes of pure Americana–prize fights, street scenes, social commentary and satire.

In its art collection, Hobart and William Smith Colleges has 12 of these lithographs and will have them on exhibit for two weeks this month on the first floor of the Warren Hunting Smith Library. “Romancing the Stone: The Lithographs of George Bellows” will open at 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14, with a lecture to follow at 8:30 p.m. in the Sanford Room of the library.

The lecture will be presented by Ron Netsky and Marjorie Searl, co-curators of another George Bellows exhibit that is currently on display at the Georgia Museum of Art. Searl is chief curator of the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester and Netsky serves as chairman of the art department at Nazareth College in Rochester.

The opening, lecture and exhibit are free and open to the public.

Bellows was born in 1882 in Columbus, Ohio. He attended Ohio State University until his senior year, when he left school to study art in New York. There he became a student of Robert Henri and closely associated with The Eight, a group of artists who emphasized the depiction of the contemporary American scene. Bellows died in 1925.

The Bellows lithographs were given to the Colleges in 1988 by Robert North Jr., in memory of his wife Marion de Mauriac North, a 1932 William Smith graduate.

The following is a list of titles of the works to be displayed at HWS.
Title: Anne, 1921 (Anne)
Date: 1923

Title: Anne in a Black Hat
Date: 1923-1924

Title: Elsie (Portrait of Elsie Speicher)
Date: 1921

Title: Elsie, Emma and Marjorie, Second Stone (Marjorie, Emma and Elsie)
Date: 1921

Title: Girl Sewing
Date: 1923

Title: In the Park, Dark (In the Park, Second State)
Date: 1916

Title: Jean, 1921, First Stone (Jean, Head)
Date: 1921

Title: The Life Class, Second Stone (The Model, Life Class)
Date: 1917

Title: Murder of Edith Cavell (Edith Cavell)
Date: 1918

Title: Nude Study, Classic on a Couch (Study)
Date: 1923-24

Title: Portrait of John Carroll
Date: 1923

Title: Preliminaries (Preliminaries to the Big Bout)
Date: 1916