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Learn More About Composting at Home

GENEVA, N.Y.–Hobart and William Smith Colleges offer a workshop that focuses on the basics of composting, how to compost in your own home and how to determine the best uses for your final compost. The “Learn to Compost” event, which is free and open to the public, takes place April 10, 11 a.m.-noon, near Houghton House on the HWS campus. No prior experience is necessary, and the workshop will proceed rain or shine.

Composting is a natural process that decomposes organic material, such as leaves and food, with the assistance of microorganisms that are normally present in soil. It is environmentally important because landfills continue to expand, resulting in ever-increasing amounts of land set aside for the collection of waste. Expanding landfills can contribute to decreased property values.

The benefits of composting are a reduction of greenhouse gases and the production of “black gold,” the finished compost product and soil additive favored by gardeners.

As part of a pilot study, students at HWS have implemented a food-scrap composting program on campus. The project was undertaken as part of Group Senior Integrative Experience, a capstone course for environmental studies majors at the Colleges led by Professor Leah Joseph. Approximately 75 pounds of food waste from the Colleges is now composted daily.

The “Learn to Compost” workshops are sponsored by the Environmental Studies composting group. For more information, contact Liz Reed at (315) 787-5669 or ereed@hws.edu.

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