Hobart Freshman Crew Defeats Syracuse – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Hobart Freshman Crew Defeats Syracuse

The Hobart Freshman/Novice Crew Defeated the Syracuse Freshman/Novice in their dual head race Nov. 2 at Hellstrom Boathouse. The Statesmen top freshman/novice eight was victorious in a time of 15:43.95. Syracuse came in second with a time of 16:20.30.

The Hobart Top Freshman Eight line-up:

Coxswain: Dan Gilbert
Stroke: Gavin Johnstone-Butcher
7: Gardener Loring
6: John Michael Chadonic
5: Tim Faxon
4: Daven Johansen
3: Sylvan Bonsignor-Burch
2: Parker Rice
Bow: Brian Wills

This race concludes Hobart Crew's fall season. The next step for the Statesmen Crew is to begin thier winter indoor training in preparation for the spring racing season.