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Hobart and William Smith Colleges Recognize Honors Students

Each year the students at Hobart and William Smith Colleges who successfully complete Honors projects get well-deserved recognition for their work.

(May 13, 2004) Geneva, N.Y. – This academic year, 30 students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges successfully completed Honors projects. They were recognized, along with their advisers, at a Porch Party given by Provost and Dean of Faculty Patricia Stranahan on Friday, May 7, and the Honors certificates will be handed out at a special ceremony on Saturday, May 15. The honors designation will also be noted in the Commencement programs.

The Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Honors Program makes possible the most sustained and sophisticated work available in the Colleges’ curriculum. Qualified students take two or three self-designed courses that concentrate on the same project and are sponsored by the same faculty adviser. In addition to the Honors project, which culminates in a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts, an Honors candidate takes a written examination in the Honors field and an oral examination that covers both the Honors project and the written examination.

The Honors Committee at the Colleges for 2003-2004 is comprised of Professors Derek Linton, (Chair), Christine de Denus, Scott McKinney, Nick Ruth, Karen Feasel, William Smith student representative Alyson Spery, Hobart student representative Joseph Rivera Ramos, and Honors secretary Laura Sposato.


Receiving Honors this year were:

Andrew P. Baker, Geoscience
Evidence of Multiple Highstands and Lowstands During the Holocene in Seneca Lake, New York
Tara Curtin, Adviser

Oscar Barney, Computer Science
The Genetic Algorithms Approach For Finding Approximate Solutions to NP-Complete Problems
David Eck, Adviser

Meredith A. Berman, Anthropology
Burying the Past: A Creative and Analytical Look at the Cultural Repatriation Movement
Ilene Nicholas, Adviser

Sarah K. Calabrese, Psychology
Auditory Experience and Gender of Juvenile Canaries (Serinus canaries) Influences Their Preference for Conspecific Song
Jeffrey Greenspon, Adviser

Andrea B. Capoccia, Sociology
On The Road: An Analysis of Transient Music Community
Dunbar Moodie, Sociology, Adviser

Aaron R. Coffin, Chemistry
A Novel Synthetic Approach to Biologically Active Heterocycles
Erin Pelkey, Adviser

Jeremy A. Cooney, Public Policy
Education Vouchers and the School Choice Movement in America
Cindy Sutton, Adviser

David M. Costello, Biology
The Reproductive Effects of Four Potential Estrogen Mimics on Ceriodaphnia dubia
James Ryan, Adviser

Gwynne Decker, Asian Languages and Cultures
The Rouge Lotus: The Lives of Two Women in Post-War Vietnam
Jack Harris, Adviser

Lisa M. DeLucia, Biology
Ultraviolet Photosensitivity in the Pre- and Post-Metamorphic African Clawed Frog Xenopus Laevis
Mark Deutschlander, Adviser

Barbara A. Feldmann, Women’s Studies
Constructing Meaning, Shaping Identity: William Smith Narratives as Feminist Oral History
Margaret Weitekamp, Adviser

Wren K. Gleason, Sociology
Of Beer Cans and Mini Vans: An Analysis of Town and Gown Relations in Geneva, New York
Jack Harris, Adviser

Tana M. Hintz, Biology
Water Quality Survey and Policy for the Keuka Outlet
James Ryan, Adviser

Evan R. Hourigan, Computer Science
Using the Genetic Algorithm to Evolve Cooperative Behavior
David Eck, Adviser

Jared C. Klebanoff, Political Science
The Reterritorialization of the State: A Critique of Hardt and Negri
Paul Passavant, Adviser

Bethany J. Mayack, English
As Long as We Are Here: A Collection of Short Fiction
Melanie Conroy-Goldman, Adviser

Anthony J. Patrone, Political Science
The Prospect of Democracy in the Middle East – The Case of Iran
Kevin Dunn, Adviser

Shannon M. Phillips, Economics
Regional Economic Analysis of the Finger Lakes Region: Input-Output Accounts
Pat McGuire, Adviser

Michael A. Roussell, Chemistry
A Novel Synthetic Approach to Unsymmetrical Analogs of Staurosporinone
Erin Pelkey, Adviser

Tamira N. Sanni-Sanoussi, Biology
Identification of Genes in Agrobacterium vitis Tn5 Mutant 1183 Necessary for the Induction of Necrosis in Grape and a Hypersensitive Response in Tobacco
Sigrid Carle, Adviser

Kara M. Scalzo, Psychology
Crossing the Gender Divide: Cross-Sexual Teasing Behaviors of Fifth Grade Students
Debra DeMeis, Adviser

Zachary R. Schneider, Chemistry
Distribution of Late-Night Blood Alcohol Concentrations in a College Population
David Craig, Adviser

Matthew T. Simpson, Economics
Sleeping With an Elephant: A Canadian Defense Against 21st Century U.S. Protectionism
Chris Gunn, Adviser

Matthew J. Sinni, Economics
Where’s The Growth?: Investigating Japan’s Failure to Recover and Reform
Feasel Khan, Adviser

Rebecca A. Splain, Chemistry
Conformational Look at Naturally Occurring Enediyne Anticancer Warhead Drugs
Carol Parish, Adviser

Diana J. Spurgat, Religious Studies
The Fifth Gospel?
Mary Gerhart, Adviser

Leya Tesmenitsky, Mathematics
Vertex-Magic Labeling
Erika L. C. King, Adviser

Nicole Traino, Sociology
Service Learning and Civic Engagement at Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Jack Harris, Adviser

Elina Tserlin, Chemistry
Synthetic Approach to the Lactam Analogue of Vioxx
Erin T. Pelkey, Adviser

David Woodworth, History
The Enlightenment and the French Revolution: An Essay in Historiography
John Shovlin, Adviser