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Ost’s Editorial on Late President Reagan in Chicago Tribune

David Ost, professor of political science, had his op-ed titled “Lots of tough talk, but not much action” published on the front page of the June 20 Chicago Tribune's Perspectives section.

“The death of former President Ronald Reagan has all the governmental officials and media pundits telling us that he 'won' the Cold War and almost single-handedly brought about the end of communist rule in Europe,” wrote Ost. “Reagan was a cheerleader whose chants are cited today, but the people in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union won this struggle themselves, and with far more support from the west European left and the trade union movement than they ever got from the Reagan administration.”

Ost is an internationally known scholar in the field of European studies and the end of the Cold War. He has written widely on the end of communism in Eastern Europe. His first book, “Solidarity and the Politics of Anti-Politics,” is one of the most often-cited works dealing with Eastern Europe. Other books include “Workers After Workers' States,” “European Politics in Transition,” and the forthcoming “The Defeat of Solidarity” (Cornell University Press) dealing with anger and democracy after communism. He has also had dozens of articles published in scholarly and popular journals alike, and has appeared numerous times on radio and TV.