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‘Behind the Scenes’ at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Curious about what it is like to work in a major New York City art museum? Or what it means to be a museum educator? Or how museums are responding to the challenges of a diverse constituency and to the changing expectations of art museums? Then come to Houghton House 212 at 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 4, for “Speaking About Art: Notes on Audience, Institutional History, and Education at the Whitney Museum of American Art.” The lecture will be given by Frank Smigiel, manager of adult public programs at the Whitney, America's premier showcase of modern and contemporary American art.

How do museums contribute to conversations about art? Which–if any–version of art history do museums offer to different audiences? How does a museum find and maintain its vocabulary, values, and public voice?

Surveying Whitney history–from its passionate founder to its formidable building, from its commitment to living artists to its growing permanent collection–Smigiel highlights the many languages through which a museum-based education can speak about art.