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Zhou as Guest Columnist in Ithaca Journal

Jinghao Zhou, assistant professor of Asian languages and cultures, has an article titled “China's Culture Commercialized” published in the Ithaca Journal, Dec. 21.

Zhou visited China in 2002 and experienced that the Chinese communist system was decaying. At that time he had an article titled “Four Observations about the Fate of Chinese Communist Party” published in the National Interests. This summer, he visited mainland China again with 11 students. The trip enabled him to take another close look at the cultural aspect of Chinese society. He observed that the Chinese people greatly favor Western culture, particularly American culture. The Chinese traditional culture and popular culture are becoming unpopular, although the communist party of China is still in power. In his latest article, Zhou briefly discussed three types of Chinese culture, indicating that Chinese culture has become commercialized. Then, he raised questions: Is it necessary for China to maintain its traditional culture in order to modernize and democratize China? If not, what cultural foundation will support China in the 21st Century?

Zhou joined the faculty in 2001. He originally came from mainland China and had more than 40 academic articles published in Chinese publications before he came to the U.S.