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Greetings from Ecuador

Professor of Biology Beth Newell and Professor of Economics Scott McKinney are currently leading the off-campus program in Ecuador, with 31 students. They recently took a trip to Laguna Cuicocha, an ecological reserve north of Quito, and sent a photo of the trip. The group will be traveling to the Galapagos Islands next week.

The students include Heidi Ambrozaitis '06, Rob Aspinwall '06, Barbara Beckingham '05, Allison Callahan '06, Steve Camerota '07, Elizabeth Camp '06, Kate Chabot '06, Patricia Del Pilar '07, Lauren DelBello '06, Kristin Dowling '06, Matt Foley '07, Mike Goldman '06, Liz Harris '06, Tanya Herrera '05, Willet Hossfeld '06, Meghan Kelley '07, Sarah Kenney-Helfrich '06, Anita Kulakowski '06, Avery Law '06, Kate McIntosh '07, Kip Moncrief '06, Clare Morgan '06, Kaitlin Murley '06, Bryan Romas '06, Laila Sheikh '06, Courtney Smith '05, Shannon Starkweather '05, Jules Szanto '05, Nathan Taxel '07, Karen Thorp '07, and Nikki Vance '06.

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