Health Professions Club Hosts ‘Meal and Medicine’ Dinner – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Health Professions Club Hosts ‘Meal and Medicine’ Dinner

Area physicians speak about their work to pre-professional Colleges students

(April 15, 2005) GENEVA, N.Y. –The Health Professions Club at Hobart and William Smith sponsored a “Meal and Medicine” night on April 14, giving the Colleges students majoring in pre-professional fields a chance to talk candidly with a range of local physicians about their lives and their professions. The event was spearheaded by the club president, senior Leah Westendorf.

“This was a great opportunity to spend some time with some of the people that we idolize,” said first-year student Kimberly Kocak, one of the 25 who attended the four-course dinner. “It helps us really keep on track when we see how happy they are in the long run.”

The medical practitioners on the panel included pediatrician Dr. Katherin Berg, family practitioner and '72 Hobart graduate Dr. Timothy Ryan, vascular surgeon Dr. Narasimha Swamy, family counselor and '87 William Smith graduate Marilyn Greene, physician's assistant Tracy Heffron, orthodontist Dr. Rodney Littlejohn, veterinarian Herbert Holden, fourth-year medical student John Robertson, who is participating in a rural medicine program with Dr. Ryan, and first-year dental student Lisa DeLucia, a 2004 William Smith graduate.

The panel shared advice and answered questions on interesting cases, medical ethics, and their lifestyles, pointing out the necessity of students to experience direct patient care as much as possible. They discussed their specialties, and the importance of entering a practice that is flexible with time on-call or for taking time off to raise children. They recommended that students who wish to take time before applying to a professional school use that opportunity to serve in direct patient care, overseas, or with an underserved population.

“This event has served our students well in the past and this year increasing the range of medical practitioners enabled us to meet the interests and needs of our students,” Laura Van Niel, health professions counselor. “But this event would not have been possible without these professionals who took time from their busy work schedules to offer insight to our students.”


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