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Pistols and Poodles Beautify Campus

Art and architecture students erect outdoor art installation

(April 18, 2005) GENEVA, N.Y.–Monday morning, as caffeine-deprived students made their way toward the café, it became increasingly obvious that something was different. Colorful banners hung from the lampposts, encouraging students to “enter here,” and “I don't think those trees were there yesterday …”

Rogue student organization Pistols and Poodles spent the wee hours of Monday morning bedazzling the Hobart and William Smith campus with an art exhibit unlike any the Colleges have seen before. In front of Scandling Center, the group erected several more subtle nature-themed pieces, including an array of plant matter, reaching from the mulch across Pulteney Street. Bright pink and green flamingos loiter in front of the library, some of them burrowing into the dirt, others standing tall. In front of Napier, the group erected a feminine, flowing sculpture and a large string of cans.

Stretching from the library to Stern Hall, the group erected their piece de resistance: a wall of spectacularly colorful and widely varied painted curtains. The individual panels all depict different themes, including Trogdor burninating a city, psychedelic flowers and a glowing orb that gets to the heart of id.

“I don't really know what it's all about, but the colors make them very expressive and eye-catching,” says Cristina Bain, a first-year student from Proctor, Vt. “I like that it's out in public. That puts the art in everyone's face, instead of it being off in a room where no one really sees it. Now I am really curious about Pistols and Poodles.”

Pistols and Poodles made one previous attempt at surprising the campus with random acts of beauty. They placed several flamingos about two weeks ago, but the art was removed before daybreak. This installation, which should remain intact until Monday, April 25, comes after months of surreptitious Pistols and Poodles posters around campus as well as vague advertisements in both the Herald and martini alternative newspaper.


The group and its artwork were featured in the April 20 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.