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Off-Campus Program: Whale Research in Hawaii

Join a group of HWS students as they conduct humpback whale research in Maui with a team of marine mammal scientists from the University of Hawaii. This team of researchers is known worldwide and has been featured in film, TV and print, including the IMAX presentation “The Discoverers,” PBS’ “Into the Wild: Dolphins with Robin Williams,” the New York Times science section and Time magazine. For more on the research institute, see

During this two-week program students will be involved in the institute's ongoing research activities. Tasks will differ from day to day, but include observing and recording whale behavior from a research boat or from shore, monitoring pod sizes and compositions, taking biopsy samples, recording whale vocalizations (whale song), measuring body sizes, recording dive times, and processing data. Students will also attend lectures given by the institute’s researchers on topics such as whale ecology and conservation, dolphin cognition and perception, whale vocalization etc.

The trip will be held January 1-14, 2006. Housing accommodations will be with the research team and other participants in the institute's house close to the town of Lahaina on the west coast of Maui. Cost is $2,400. This includes all fees, accommodations, food and research-related transportation on the island. Students are responsible for their own airfare. Contact Uta Wolfe, assistant professor of psychology, at or ext. 3459.

Prerequisites are the following:
– GPA of 2.5 or higher
– good academic standing
– ability to swim, unaffected by motion sickness
– good health

A non-refundable $350 deposit is due upon sign-up. Students who sign up certify they meet the above requirements. Checks should be made out to HWS and sent to Wolfe.

This research program is coupled with a fall seminar on “Dolphin and Whale Perception” (PSY 309). Students who are interested in taking the seminar also please contact Uta Wolfe for more information.