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Pistols and Poodles Light It Up

HWS guerilla art group mesmerize students with tea lights

The Doors’ classic “Come On Baby Light My Fire” blasted across the Quad Tuesday night as Pistols and Poodles once again shocked the campus by lining up 225 weighted paper bags with tea lights in them, creating a lantern effect.

“It’s just for fun, just for fun. It’s a bit of cultural amusement,” said group spokeswoman Christina DeLeon of Bronx, N.Y., as confused students walked past the display.

Though the event was unscheduled and unannounced, it was well attended, with upwards of 80 students stopping by throughout the length of the event. There was some initial uncertainty, but students quickly got into the spirit of the event, playing Frisbee and weaving their bikes through the radiant rows.

“It’s all about spectacle and folly – and there’s your folly,” joked P&P member Brienne Cosman of Hingham, Mass., as several of the bags set ablaze. Gathered students reacted favorably to the small fires, cheering and clapping each time the wind blew another bag over.

The group and its artwork were featured in the April 20 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.