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Hobart and William Smith Colleges Recognize Honors Students

Each year the students at Hobart and William Smith Colleges who successfully complete Honors projects get well-deserved recognition for their work.

(May 9, 2005) GENEVA, N.Y. – This academic year, 26 students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges successfully completed Honors projects. They were recognized, along with their advisers, at a Porch Party given by Interim Provost and Dean of Faculty Ruth Freeman on Friday, May 6. The Honors certificates will be handed out at a special ceremony on Saturday, May 14, along with a bound copy of the honors thesis. The honors designation will be noted in the Commencement programs.

The Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Honors Program makes possible the most sustained and sophisticated work available in the Colleges’ curriculum. Qualified students take two or three self-designed courses that concentrate on the same project and are sponsored by the same faculty adviser. In addition to the Honors project, which culminates in a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts, an Honors candidate takes a written examination in the Honors field and an oral examination that covers both the Honors project and the written examination.

The Honors Committee at the Colleges for 2004-2005 is comprised of Professors Derek Linton, (Chair/fall) Nick Ruth (Chair/spring), Christine de Denus, Scott McKinney (fall), Feisal Khan, Karen Feasel, Rosalind Simson, William Smith Student Representative Sarah Weinstein, Hobart Student Representative Adam Goldstein, and Honors Secretary Laura Sposato.


Receiving Honors this year are:

Barbara A. Beckingham, Chemistry
Reactivity of Indium Metal Surfaces in Grignard-Like Reactions: An Inquiry into the Fundamentals of Indium Chemistry
Walter Bowyer, Adviser

Joshua B. Block, Psychology
Visually Controlled Behavioral Lateralization in Canaries: Landing Patterns, Orientation and Turning Preferences
Jeffrey Greenspon, Adviser

Lindsay E. L. Brown, Individual in Education
The Development of a College Student Tutoring Program for Middle-School Mathematics: Launching America Counts at HWS
James MaKinster, Adviser

Kelly Burke, English
Zelda Fitzgerald: an investigation through performance
Robert Gross, Adviser

Catherine R. Cragg, Sociology
Implications of Gendered Environments for Cross-Gender Friendship Formation on the HWS Campus
Renee Monson, Adviser

Angela S. Dann, Chemistry
Inorganic Molecular Wire Candidates: Synthesis and Characterization
Christine R. de Denus, Adviser

Jennifer E. Davenport, English
Revolutionary Women: The Changing Role of Women in 20th Century American Literature
Anna Creadick, Adviser

Penelope M. Davenport, European Studies
Odi Et Amo – Diderot, Chardin, and the Problem of Representation in Enlightenment France
Elena Cilletti , Adviser (fall)/John Shovlin, Adviser (spring)

Jessica G. Gosling-Goldsmith, Studio Art
Identifying Space: Situating Places within Memory
Nick Ruth, Adviser

Nicolette J. Guthrie, Chemistry
Synthesis of 3-Pyrrolin-2-one Analogs of Vioxx
Erin Pelkey, Adviser

Jacqueline B. Johnson, Media and Society
Nothing To Claim For Fame
Iva Deutchman, Adviser

Sarah Kapp, Russian Area: Language & Culture
Infinity, Revolution, and the Self in Zamyatin’s We
David Galloway, Adviser

Kristen J. Kehoe, Writing and Rhetoric
70 Pages of Writer's Block: My (un?)Creative Process
Mary Salibrici, Adviser

Michael E. Liquori, Chemistry
Palladium-Mediated Approach to the Aristolactam Alkaloids
Erin Pelkey, Adviser

Caroline A. McAuliffe, Studio Art
Color Relationships Through Landscape
Nick Ruth, Adviser

Marie C. Montesano, Philosophy
Exposing the Military's Dilemma
Eugen Baer, Adviser

Derrick F. Moore, Public Policy
Understanding National Science Foundation Funding and the Relationship of Basic Research to the Economy – A Public Policy Analysis
Patrick A. McGuire, Adviser

Dominic C. Moore, Religious Studies
Lost in Translation? The Rise and Fall of the Jesuit Mission to Japan, 1549 – 1600
Richard Salter, Adviser

Jane A. O'Donnell, Psychology
Individual and Situational Influences on Coping Responses and Self-Efficacy
Karen Feasel, Adviser

Emily K. Pelletier, American Studies
An Exploration of American Identity and its Portrayal in American Literature
Daniel Singal, Adviser

Sarah R. Powell, Economics
The Significance of Foreign Direct Investment in the Hungarian Privatization Process
Jo Beth Mertens, Adviser

Katherine A. Ritts, Philosophy
A Morally Comprehensive Examination of the Iraq War of 2003: An Application of Just War Theory
Steven Lee, Adviser

Caitlin E. Rogers, Geoscience
Got Varves? Reconstructing Holocene Climate Change in Seneca Lake, New York
Tara M. Curtin, Adviser

Jessica Sobey, English
dear interior
Jasper Bernes, Adviser

Jonathan M. Vaughn, Studio Art
The Art of Process: Realizations of Art-Making Through Drawing and Painting
Michael Bogin, Adviser

Kasey E. Woodburn, Psychology
Individual Differences in the Role of Emotion in Self-Efficacy Appraisal
Karen Feasel, Adviser