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French and Francophone Studies Department Marks First Year With Many Accomplishments

Teaching Faculty Have Been Published

The four teaching faculty members of the newly-created French and Francophone studies department at Hobart and William Smith Colleges have had an impressive first year of accomplishments.

Catherine Gallouët, who chairs the department that was spawned last from the former modern languages department, is pleased.

“Faculty have been highly- productive, not only teaching, but being published, presenting papers and many other professional involvements,'' she said.

Published or soon-to-be published works by 2004-2005 department faculty include the following:

• Kanate Dahouda had an article, “Les aventures de la littérature antillaise” published in “Neohelicon,” a comparative review published by the Institute of Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest. Dahouda has also two forthcoming articles: “Discours ethnique, mythe de l'étranger et nationalisme dans l'écriture dramatique de Maurice Bandaman. Écrivain ivoirien,” to be published in Germany in the “Review of Bayreuth African Studies,” and “Alix Renaud et le corps lyrique,” to be published in the volume of papers delivered at the 2002 Annual Congress of the French Canadian Association for Advancement of Science, Université Laval, in Québec, Canada.

• Gallouët had a chapter “L'état sauvage: la géographie Romanesque de Marivaux”, published in “Locus in Fabula. La topique de l'espace dans les fictions françaises d'Ancien Régime” (Louvain: Peeters). She also has three forthcoming pieces: “Sade, noir et blanc: Afrique et Africains dans Aline et Valcour,” in the Canadian journal “Lumens; “L'Autre dans les Lettres Persanes et dans les Lettres d'une une Péruvienne”, in a volume titled “Topique narrative de l'étranger (l'étrange)” at the Presse de l'université de Montréal; and “1713: sympathie et roman chez Challe et Marivaux”, in the volume “De la sympathie sous l'Ancien régime ; discours, savoir, société,” to be published by L'Harmattan, in Québec and Paris. The volume she co-edited with Ahmed Bouguarche of the State University of California, “Femmes et violence dans le texte maghrébin,” is currently being reviewed by publishers.

• George Joseph's two articles “Les Griots du Kayor, ont-ils un discours abstrait sur la pédagogie?” will be published in the volume of papers delivered at the June 1997 West African Research Associates conference and “Centralité excentrique: la maison comme espace interface dans Une Si Longue Lettre de Mariama Bâ” in “Perspectives on African Literatures at the Millennium,” Papers of the 2000 African Literature Association Meeting, Africa World Press. He will also have published “African Fiction and Religion” in “Encyclopedia of Religion,” Macmillian Reference.

• Nadia Louar had “Pas d'après: Le bilinguisme de Samuel Beckett” published in the Beckett critical review: “Beckett Today/ Beckett aujourd'hui.” Other works to be published are “Samuel Beckett: bilinguisme et purgatoire” in “French Forum,” University of Nebraska Press, and “La Figure du bi-linguisme dans l'œuvre théâtrale de Samuel Beckett” in “SITES” (Contemporary French and Francophone Studies) by Routledge.