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Good and Kubera Featured for Conservative Views

Seniors Bryan Good and Kevin Kubera, hosts of the radio show Justifying the Means, were featured in the Nov. 24 Geneva Finger Lakes Times article “Airing Conservative Voices”. Kubera and Good said the show started out of discussions they had in their dorm room their first year in college. They began to discuss doing a radio show because they felt there should be a conservative voice on campus. Their Thursday night program on WEOS directly follows “Plato's Cave,” a liberal talk show hosted by HWS professors Iva Deutchman and Linda Robertson. Kubera said he enjoys listening to “Plato's Cave,” even though he disagrees with the opinions expressed.

Justifying the Means began in September and airs WEOS each week at 7 p.m. on Thursday, on WEOS 89.7 / 90.3 /88.1 FM and on the Web at It is a call-in show, and Good and Kubera encourage those who are interested in politics to call (781-3897).