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Dobkowski Quoted in Washington Times

Michael Dobkowski, professor of religious studies, was quoted in the article “Changing of the times” from the Jan. 24 The Washington Times. The article highlighted the absence of American Jewish presence in the protests for the possible war on Iraq. Dobkowski, who was active in Vietnam-era protests, said “Our behavior in the '60s was motivated by our sense of Jewishness because I thought it was the Jewish thing to do, the right thing to do.”

“Many American Jews feel the most extreme elements of the anti-war movement would be happy to see Israel disappear,” he said. “That is not an option for American Jews. That's why you don't see a Jewish presence at these rallies.”

Dobkowski is an expert on the American Jewish experience and is the author of several books, including “The Tarnished Dream: The Basis of American Anti-Semitism.”