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Young Recommends Norton AntiVirus

Brian Young, vice president for information technology was one of five network professionals asked their favorite products by Network World Fusion. Young's choice is Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Edition. Young said, “Given the context of an educational institution and students bringing computers to campus, the best thing ever is the enterprise edition of our antivirus program, Norton AntiVirus. We clean in the ballpark of 8,000 viruses off of our network and mail system every day, and that is 8,000 viruses that don't get onto campus, don't tie up our help desk and don't infect other things on campus. It has been a tremendous asset, especially in terms of return on investment, with the savings in time, resources and personnel. No two ways about it, it's the best.” The article was titled “Fave raves” and ran Nov. 11.