Students at Crossfire – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Students at Crossfire

Professor Joe DiGangi and 15 Colleges students attended the Dec. 3 “Crossfire,” CNN's political debate program. Topics discussed were the Supreme Court's agreeing to hear the Michigan affirmative action case; lowering the legal alcohol limit to .08 in New York; and Saudi royal family charity gifts which were funneled to Al Qaeda. After the broadcast co-host Paul Begala spoke to the group for about 45 minutes. He shared his personal experiences and engaged the students in conversation regarding their views of current issues and politics in general.

The students who attended were Kevin Burke '04, Jason Chiesa '04, Diana Cowen '04, Benjamin Elderkin '04, Daniel Goble '04, Matthew Luckey '05, Margaret Meffen '04, Anthony Patrone '04, Aaron Pavlovic '03, Bridget Pierce '04, Jared Rosen '04, Jennifer Rosthal '03, Matthew Sinni '04, Carolyn Troy '03, and Sabra Williams '04.

Joseph P. DiGangi is a professor emeritus of political science. He taught at the Colleges from 1967 to 1997. He was given the Distinguished Faculty Award Sept. 27.

Begala and co-host James Carville provide insight and commentary “from the left,” as they square off against conservatives Robert Novak and Tucker Carlson. Begala first entered the national political scene after his consulting firm, Carville & Begala, helped elect President Bill Clinton in 1992. Serving in the Clinton Administration as Counselor to the President, he helped define and defend the Administration's agenda and served as the principal public spokesman.

A transcript of the show is available on the CNN Web site.