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Used diesel vehicle sought for testing

The HWS Environmental Studies students and Campus Greens (an environmental advocacy group) have been working to promote the use of biodiesel fuel, which reduces particulate pollution and the gasses linked to global warming.

The students are converting used vegetable oil from HWS dining services to make the biodiesel, changing it from a waste product into usable fuel. The chemistry students have almost perfected the art of making biodiesel fuel, but do not have an engine in which to test it.

They are looking for a used diesel vehicle or any kind of diesel engine in which to test the final product; the goal is to be able to use the biodiesel fuel in a 12-passenger van. No adjustments are necessary for biodiesel fuel to work in a diesel engine.

Those are interested in the project who would like to learn more are asked to e-mail Anyone with a diesel vehicle they're willing to donate is asked to e-mail the same address.