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Parents, students pleased with Career Fair

Parents of HWS students gave others a look into the “real world” at the recent Parents’ Weekend Career Information Fair. This event offered students the chance to ask professionals about their fields and network. The parents represented a variety of professions, covering many students’ interests; students in attendance ranged from seniors looking to meet with a specific parent to first-years surveying the scene.

The Cellar Pub provided a more relaxed environment than some job fairs; students were made to feel comfortable asking questions and making conversation with the panelists.

Participants included Nancy Fenney P’09, an elementary school librarian; Robert Fenney P’09, a self-employed architect; Dr. Colleen Thornton P’08, a mathematics professor retired from Kean University in Union, N.J.; Jodi Holland P’07, director of community Services for an agency that serves developmentally disabled; Johnna Yeskey P’06, head of Lower School at Greenwich Country Day School; Dennis Yeskey P’06, national director of Real Estate Capital Markets for Deloitte Consulting; Andy McMaster ’74 P’09, vice chairman and managing partner for Deloitte Tax; and Ron Vance ’74, P’08, a senior adviser for Rothschild, Inc., an international investment bank.

The parents said they were glad to have had the opportunity to help. With students of their own, they understand how difficult it can be to choose a career path.

Fenny said she attended because she is passionate about her career and feels as though not enough people are aware of what library science has to offer. She explained that the reason she because a librarian after years of teaching was that someone once told her “there is a librarian in each of us,” and she has found this to be true.

Thornton said she hoped she could offer some insight into the world of teaching, the job market, and how to get started. She quoted the actress Tyne Daly as saying “showing up is 47 percent of everything.”

The students and parents who attended offered their gratitude for those who participated. Chloe Hall ’06 said the Fair was a great idea and she was thankful that parents were willing to give up some of the limited amount of time that they had with their own families to help the HWS community.