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Linton’s book now at The College Store

Copies of Derek S. Linton's book, “Emil von Behring: Infectious Disease, Immunology, Serum Therapy,” published by the American Philosophical Society, are now available at the College Store.

In 1901, Behring received the first Nobel Prize in medicine for serum therapy against diphtheria, a disease that killed thousands of infants annually. Diphtheria serum was the first major cure of the bacteriological era and its development generated novel procedures for testing, standardizing, and regulating drugs.

In this first English-language scientific biography of Behring, Linton “emphasizes Behring’s seminal contributions to the study of infectious diseases, the formation of modern immunology, and innovative research on specific remedies and vaccines against deadly microbial infections.”

The biography explores Behring’s complex relations to the rival bacteriological schools of Robert Koch in Berlin and Louis Pasteur in Paris, and analyzes his collaborations and controversies with leading medical researchers such as Robert Koch, Paul Ehrlich, Elie Metchnikoff and Rudolf Virchow.

The second part of this volume contains translations of 13 key articles by Behring and his associates on infectious diseases, immunology, drug testing, and therapeutics spanning thirty years of his remarkable scientific career.

The book received the American Philosophical Society's 2005 J.F. Lewis Award.

Linton, who joined the faculty in 1984, holds a bachelor's degree from Brooklyn College and his master's and doctorate from Princeton University.