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The HWS Update

Urgent new virus warning

A new virus, known as w32.Blackmal.E to Symantec AntiVirus Corporation, and dubbed “The Kama Sutra Virus” by CNN, is expected to be released tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 3.

The virus mainly affects Windows computers, and comes in the form of an e-mail with an attachment that lies dormant until the computer clock reads Feb. 3, 2006. At that point, the virus begins deleting critical Windows files, antivirus files, and may even render your keyboard and mouse inoperable.

Because attachments may also arrive in a format specific to OS X, Macintosh users are urged to keep their anti-virus software updated and ensure that all operating system security updates have been installed.

The subject line of the e-mail varies, but may appear as any of the following:

*Hot Movie*, A Great Video, Fw:, Fw: DSC-00465.jpg, Fw: Funny :), Fw: Picturs, Fw: Real show, Fw: SeX.mpg, Fw: Sexy, Fwd: Crazy illegal Sex!, Fwd: image.jpg, Fwd: Photo, give me a kiss, Miss Lebanon 2006, My photos, Part 1 of 6 Video clipe, Photos, Re:, or School girl fantasies gone bad.

The attachment included in the e-mail may end in any of the following file formats: .pif, .jpg, .zip, .sCr, or .mim.

For more technical information about this virus, visit Symantec’s Web site, http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.blackmal.e@mm.html.

Current information about this bulletin may be found at IT Alerts and Outages web page at http://www.hws.edu/administration/itservices/alerts.asp.

Those with questions or concerns, should e-mail IT Services at helpdesk@hws.edu or call ext. HELP.