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Writing Colleagues Program

Kristen Kehoe, '05 is the coordinator for the Writing Colleagues program here on campus. The program includes between 20-30 students who act as writing colleagues for academic classes on campus. The program promotes, through the colleagues, guidance and editorial aid on student papers within a particular class the colleague is assigned to. The program is available to all students within classes assigned with writing colleagues and is a valuable tool for students. Students can find editing and organizational help on papers at the Center for Teaching and Learning, from a group of writing colleagues outside of an assigned academic class. The program employs colleagues from all different majors on campus, and is guaranteed to be a part of each First Year Seminar course. The introduction of the colleagues to each new student helps to quickly introduce the strong talent and availability of these student writers. Kristen, after completing the writing colleague seminar and gaining acceptance into the program, became student coordinator under Professor Salibrici of the Reading, Writing and Rhetoric department. Writing colleagues, like Kristen, ask questions, listen, read and help to recognize strengths and weaknesses in student's writing skills. These recognitions and implementation of the draft process makes the writing colleague program a strong tool for helping students improve their writing. Kristen Kehoe, Colleagues Coordinator, alumna 2005, Kristen Kehoe, 2005.
Writing Colleague Coordinator for year 2005-2006.
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