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Orientation Leader Applications Now Available!

The Deans Offices and the Student Life and Leadership Office are pleased to annouce that appplications for Orientation Leader positions are now avaialble, Please read below for more inforkmation and application requirments.

Position Description:

The Orientation Leader (OL) position is an outstanding opportunity for any student interested in gathering leadership skills and enhancing his/her marketability for future positions. 10-15 Orientation Leaders will be hired for Orientation. The OL assists with managing Orientation Assistants and their associated functions The OL assists with implementing all orientation events and plays a vital role in facilitating the adjustment of new students to the campus and community. In addition, an OL conveys information to new students and their families about programs and services.


The OLs will help manage the Orientation Assistants; assist with all orientation events by leading discussion groups with incoming students and family members; assist in the preparation of orientation activities and materials; acquaint new students with campus services and building locations; assist with the Matriculation process; provide assistance to help direct new students to a variety of activities; and discuss sensitive issues. In addition, OLs will attend ALL training sessions.

Orientation Dates: April 1 (training), April 2 (training), August 18-24 (training), August 25-27 (Orientation Weekend)


There are a variety of qualities that an OL must have: leadership development potential; positive communication skills; a desire to work with students, family, faculty and staff; integrity; a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA; in good social standing; problem solving abilities; sensitivity to diversity in all of its forms; and a positive work ethic. Previous Orientation experience helpful but not required.


There are many benefits for outstanding students who pursue an Orientation Leader position. Most importantly, OLs will gain significant leadership experience and skills in effective communication. In addition, OLs will have opportunities to develop relationships with faculty, staff and students. Additional remuneration includes the ability to move in to your Fall residence early, meals during all Orientation trainings and Orientation Weekend; t-shirt and nametags.

Application Process:

Applications are available in the Student Life and Leadership Office in Scandling Center starting on February 27th and ending on March 10th

Applications along with a listing of two references and a picture of yourself are due to Student Life and Leadership no later than 5:00pm on March 10th (academic and social standing will be checked)

Applicants must participate in one of two available group interview sessions

Applicants must attend a 15-minute individual interview

Please contact the Student Life and Leadership Office for more information.
Nate Emmons, will give “Orientation Leader Applications Now Available!”