Leader of the Month Award presented to Kyra Tobin – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

Leader of the Month Award presented to Kyra Tobin

The Student Life and Leadership Office is proud to present Kyra Tobin with the Leader of the Month Award for February.

Kyra Tobin embodies the leadership skills and spirit that Hobart and William Smith students strive to achieve. She is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of student involvement on campus through her work as the Campus Activities Board (CAB) Coordinator.
The Campus Activities Board is the student organization charged with providing students with social programming on campus. This organization has grown tremendously with Kyra's leadership, hard work, and dedication over the past two years. She continuously strives to build bridges on campus with various faculty, staff, student clubs, and organizations. She truly sees the value in providing a variety of opportunities for students to take advantage of in order get involved on campus.

Kyra is not only a leader with the Campus Activities Board, but with Habitat for Humanity as well. She truly cares about the cause of the organizations with whom she works. The reason that Kyra is so successful is her eagerness and willingness to learn. She is an approachable leader who is eager to hear other people's ideas and make them a reality. The theme throughout her work with the Campus Activities Board is one that always welcomes questions, concerns, and comments. “Your voice matters to CAB!” can be found in anything that she does on behalf of the organization. Even though she is always learning and taking something away from her experiences she in turn teaches these lessons to others in order for them to be more successful. This is a quality that makes her stand out in a group.

Overall, Kyra Tobin has shown extraordinary leadership on campus. She deserves to be recognized for her dedication to her cause and to the HWS community. She is a leader in every sense of the word. Our campus would not be the same without her!