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The HWS Update

Honors projects completed

During the 2005-06 academic year, more than two dozen HWS students completed Honors projects.

They and their advisers were recognized at a Porch Party given by Provost and Dean of Faculty Teresa Amott on May 5 at the Gerhart House.

* Ayokunle A. Abogan, economics: The Economy of The Finger Lakes Region: A Model for Economic Development; Patrick A. McGuire, adviser

* Jill M. Bowman, economics: The Economic Impact of the Wine Industry in New York State: Specifically, the Finger Lakes Region; Patrick A. McGuire, adviser

* Zachary P. Bullock, sociology: Searching for Good Work and Social Affection: An Exploratory Study of Workers in Geneva, New York; and Hanoi, Vietnam; James L. Spates, adviser

* Kathleen F. Bush, environmental studies: A Preliminary Study of Water Quality and Water Quality Protection in the Finger Lakes; John Halfman, adviser

* Jodi L. Connell, chemistry: Mechanism and Kinetics of the Reaction of Allyl Bromides at Indium Surfaces: A Fundamental Study of Indium-Mediated Allylation; Walter J. Bowyer, adviser

* Lennox N. Debra, English: Lady Godiva's Operation: A New Consciousness in le sinthome and Finnegans Wake; Jonathan W. Pickett, adviser

* Sarah E. DeGray, political science: Hip Hop and Authenticity: Navigating the Semiological, Ideological and Commercial Functions of Authenticity in Rap Music and Culture; Kevin C. Dunn, adviser

* Kathryn D. Feller, biology: Characterization of an Ultraviolet Opsin in Microchiroptera Bats; Kristy L. Kenyon, adviser

* Matthew J. Garman, chemistry: Novel Approach to Natural Product Synthesis: Aristolactam Alkaloids Preparation by Organopalladium Chemistry; Erin T. Pelkey, adviser

* Stephanie L. Goldson, economics: The Development of the Hospitality Industry in Jamaica And Its Effect on the Overall GDP of the Country; Daniel McGowan, adviser

* James C. Gray, psychology: Constraint Induced Learning: Conditioning, Compensation, and Metacognition in the Motor System; Uta Wolfe, adviser

* Michelle U. Grocke, economics: The Overall Well-Being of the United States: An Analysis, a Critique and a New Perspective; Patrick A. McGuire, adviser

* Seraphine E. Hamilton, Africana studies: Visualizing Survival: Three Films of the African-American Experience; Marilyn Jiménez, adviser

* Rachel A. Henderson, media and society: YOUNG AND THIN: Images of Women in the Media; Iva E. Deutchman, adviser

* Amanda M. Jantzi, political science: The Immorality of Choice: An Analysis of the Abortion Rhetoric of the Christian Right; Cedric Johnson, adviser

* Susan E. Jordan, Russian area studies-history and society: Post-Soviet Russian Women's Literature: A Historical and Feminist Analysis of Works by Liudmilla Petrushevskaia and Natalia Baranskaia; Kristen E. Welsh, adviser

* Kara J. Kenney, art history: The Reading of Pictorial Imagery: Empress Yang's Collaboration with Xia Gui on Twelve Views of Landscape; Lara C.W. Blanchard, adviser

* Sean A. Kipperman, physics: Investigations Into the Effects of Thermal Noise on LIGO’s Detection of Gravitational Waves; Steven D. Penn, adviser

* Sarah M. Kirchoff, art history: Matron, Virgin, Fallen Woman: Female Sexuality as Commodity in Ancient Rome; Michael C. Tinkler, adviser

* Suprita Kudesia, psychology: Pet Facilitated Therapy: Exploring the Forgotten Perspectives of Pet Handlers; Michelle L. Rizzella/Andrew S. Walters, advisers

* Sandra M. Maroska, history: Tuberculosis: From Afterthought to DOTS – Evaluating the Successes and Failures of Technical TB Control Programs in an Historical Framework; Derek S. Linton, adviser

* Philip J. Recchio, religious studies: Liberation Theology: A Continuation of the Christian-Marxist Dialogue; Hyo-Dong Lee, adviser

* Carolyn J. Smith, sociology: Educating World Citizens: The Effect of the BRIDGE Program on Students' Global Perspectives; Jack D. Harris, adviser

* Peter J. Smith, public policy: A Critical Analysis of the Larger Lesbian and Gay Social Movement: Strategies for Success; Craig A. Rimmerman, adviser

* Alyson C. Spery, public policy: Youth Court: An Effective Alternative to Traditional Juvenile Justice?; Jack D. Harris, adviser

* Jennifer E. Thorne, sociology: WORKING WITH DEATH: A Case Study of Hospice Work in the Finger Lakes Region; T. Dunbar Moodie, adviser

* Colleen Wahl, dance/arts and education: The Role of the Body in Creativity: Cultivating Creative Bodies; Cadence Whittier, adviser

* Pria D. Young, chemistry: Controlled Architecture of Molecular Wire Candidates: Construction of Ferrocene Based Systems; Christine M.R. de Denus, adviser