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Outstanding Internships: Hawaii and Chocolate

This article is part of a series on the internship opportunities available to Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ students. This summer, each piece will feature one student and their involvement with an exciting internship.

It isn’t too hard to think of a worse way to spend a summer. As an intern for Godiva Chocolate in Waikiki, Hawaii, Madeleine Brooks ’08 is enjoying two of the finest things in life: good weather and fine chocolate.

But while it looks like a vacation, Brooks is hard at work. “My project is to improve Godiva sales” she said. “To do this, I must look at traffic patterns throughout the store and the types of interaction between sales associates and customers, what kind of customers, what their purpose is for buying. I am also learning every aspect to the business. I have learned about customer service, marketing, sales—each week is a different focus.”

Brooks, who is majoring in economics and political science, chose the internship because she wanted to experience something new. “It was a different adventure for me,” she said. “I have always enjoyed traveling and trying new things and so I thought this would be another great experience.”

Brooks has already spent a summer working on Capitol Hill, but left the political arena for a taste of the business world, and as it happens, the best chocolate this side of Brussels. Brooks knows that her experience will be applicable to any career path she chooses. “It is a very broad internship and I can go a lot of different ways with it,” she said.

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