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Rimmerman Quoted in Chicago Tribune

Craig Rimmerman, professor of political science, was quoted in the Jan. 23 Chicago Tribune story “Military loses able recruits with gay rule”. The article addressed how linguists in particular have been discharged over the past nine years because they violated the military's policies regarding homosexuality. The current need for linguists in the military has raised questions about military policy. According to the article, a related 2000 study by the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey found that the number of Navy officers who “feel uncomfortable in the presence of homosexuals” decreased from 57.8 percent in 1994 to 36.4 percent in 1999.

“It [present policy] probably should go from a fairness point of view,” said Craig Rimmerman, who has written extensively about U.S. military policy regarding homosexuals, said he believed the policy eventually would be altered because of changing attitudes in American society toward homosexuality. “It is going to take some time, but eventually the military will have to accept this change,” he said.

Rimmerman is the author of “From Identity to Politics: The Lesbian and Gay Movements in the United States” and the editor of “Gay Rights, Military Wrongs: Political Perspectives on Lesbians and Gays in the Military.”