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Colleges Expand Commitment to Residential Life

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, as one of the nation’s top liberal arts institutions, recently welcomed the largest and most academically impressive classes in its history. The total enrollment of the Colleges is now at 1,895; a group representing 40 states and 19 countries and sharing the common traits of academic engagement and commitment to community service.

Over the past several years, the Colleges have embarked on a campaign of rapid growth and renovation of the residential life spaces. In keeping with its principled commitment to residential life and because of the size of the incoming classes, the Colleges are expanding the residential opportunities open to students by renting a building near to the Colleges’ campus.

The facility, located at 380 South Main Street, is being renovated and furnished for the temporary use of residential life, developing and extending the Colleges’ commitment to housing students in a safe and constructive environment conducive to the principles of a liberal arts education.

The building will accommodate approximately 40 students during the 2006-07 academic year. In order to fully integrate the site into campus life, resident assistants and professional staff members employed by the Colleges will also take up residence.

“Although temporary, it is hoped that the rental property will facilitate a closer connection between the campus and the surrounding area, strengthening the Colleges’ dedication to service and outreach and enabling a closer relationship between students and members of the community,” said Debra DeMeis, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of William Smith College.

In a letter to neighboring South Main Street residents, delivered July 21, DeMeis informed the local residents of the move.

“While our recently completed, comprehensive residence hall renovation and construction effort leaves us well suited to accommodate the needs of most of our students, we find that we will require additional student housing for the 2006-2007 academic year. After thoughtful consideration, the Colleges have arranged to lease New Future Manor at 380 South Main Street for one year. We believe that this temporary solution is the best means by which we can both meet our students’ needs and fulfill our responsibilities to the City of Geneva.

“The leased building, which will remain on the City’s tax rolls, will truly function as an extension of our campus residence program. In addition to housing approximately 40 students, it will house professional staff members and Resident Assistants who will attend to student life issues and monitor the activities in and near the building. Campus Safety officers will regularly patrol the property. Including the approximately 40 students housed at 380 South Main Street, the total number of students living off-campus for fall 2006 will remain the same as it has been for the past few years.

“The Colleges have developed a plan to address concerns about the well being of the students and their impact on the neighborhood. We agree with city officials that good communication with neighbors will be essential for the lease agreement to work for both city residents and our students.”

A story about the facility appeared in the Sunday, July 23 edition of the Finger Lakes Times. Read South Main Manor to house HWS students.