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New Orientation Photo Gallery

On Friday, a new group of first-year students brought the Colleges out of its summer quiet as the academic year began in earnest. Residence halls across campus were packed with family and friends — and of course, the hardworking orientation staff — all with one goal in mind: to help move in the Classes of 2010.

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Friday afternoon found first-year students meeting with their advisors and seminar professors, preparing for the coming semester. Their parents were also in classrooms, asking questions of Residential Education staff and the deans, staying involved in the life of the campus. As the weekend came and went, the energy permeating campus reached a new plateau with the arrival of the rest of the student body. They unpacked bags, books and clothing, made new friends and rediscovered old ones; and the lights came on once again in Odell’s, in Jackson, in Blackwell, and all across the Colleges’ campus as another year began.

The Classes of 2010 total 601 students, 54 percent – 322 students – are women attending William Smith and 46 percent – 279 students – are men attending Hobart.

“While this promises to be one of the largest incoming classes in recent years, it is also one of the best prepared academically,” said President Mark D. Gearan.

Of the entering first-years, 41 percent graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class, compared to 20 percent just seven years ago and 32 percent last year. Compared to last year, there was a 40-percent increase in students accepting the Colleges’ offer of a Trustee Scholarship (given to the top academic students in the pool) and double the number of first years accepting the HWS Presidential Leadership Award.

The classes, representing 32 U.S. states and 10 countries, include 200 students who were captains of their respective athletic teams; 30 editors of major school publications (newspapers, yearbooks or literary magazines); and 188 who were in the National Honor Society. This year also sees the largest enrollment of HEOP students in eight years.

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