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Whirlwind trip connects students to Colleges’ past, future

Sometimes a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. A photo from last week’s Campaign Kickoff captures in one frame the energy of the evening: the expansive windows at Jazz at Lincoln Center display a striking view of the Manhattan skyline, framing a group of students, members of the Hobartones and Three Miles Lost, as they perform in one of the most exciting venues in America. “Getting to sing on that stage was incredible,” said Maggi Sliwinski ’07. “It’s a famous and beautiful room and we were right in the middle of it.”

Campaign for the Colleges’ New York City launch on September 21 made headlines with an announcement that $90 million of the $160 million goal has already been raised. It was an event that celebrated the history and aspirations of the Colleges community. “There were generations of HWS people there, it was an incredible experience,” said Matt Lyttle ’06, currently enrolled in the Colleges M.A.T. program.

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Some students managed to squeeze in a little sightseeing during their short stay. Lyttle reported that he led a group out to Times Square that sunny afternoon for a quick taste of the iconic New York. Then it was back to Jazz at Lincoln Center for another round of rehearsals, polishing every detail for the final show.

The student groups performed two songs during the program: “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire and “New York, New York.” The reception afterward was another high point for the students because of the opportunity to mingle with alums. “These people are such a part of our heritage,” said Keegan Prue ’09. “It was an experience just to meet them, to try to understand how they got to the point where they are.”

There were even a few moments of electricity, as students recognized familiar faces. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw Shooter McGavin [Hobart Alumnus Christopher McDonald ’77],” said Sliwinski. But more quickly than anyone wanted, the night grew late, and after a quick breakfast the next morning, the students were back on the bus to Geneva, with the future and the past a little closer for all of them.