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Deutchman Responds to State of the Union Address

Iva Deutchman, professor of political science, was part of a side bar, “Local Reaction,” in the Jan. 29 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, on President Bush's State of the Union address. “I give him high marks on presentation and low marks on content,” said Deutchman. “I was listening for evidence on Iraq. But I just got the sense that Saddam Hussein is somebody George Bush doesn't like.”

Deutchman was also quoted in the Geneva Finger Lakes Times story “Local residents pay close attention to Bush address” from the Jan. 29 issue. “This is a guy who inherited a fabulous economy from [Bill] Clinton, who erased all the deficits and increased the surpluses. Then junior comes in and replaces all the mistakes his father made,” Deutchman said. “He’s long on clichés and short on specifics,” she said. “This guy has never met a fact and has nothing to offer. Those of us who are fact-based find this troubling and annoying.”