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Gearan Quoted on Speechwriting

President Mark Gearan was quoted in the Jan. 28 Orlando Sentinel (Orlando, Fla.) in a story on speechwriting for American presidents. The article, Figures of speech, featured several former U.S. presidents, including Ford, F.D. Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush Sr., and Clinton. Gearan was quoted on his time serving on the Clinton administration, as Former President Clinton rewrote his speeches extensively.

“I had more sessions with more demoralized speechwriters at the end of his speeches because he had used none of their material,” said Gearan, Clinton's director of communications. “I can remember one of them told me, 'Well, Mark, at least I provided him the paper.' ”

But speechwriters, wrote the author, Kate Santich, believe not only in the process, not only in their political party, but also in the man or woman who holds the office.

“If anything, you're left with an extraordinary honor and privilege to be a part of history, to be a part of making a difference,” Gearan said. “And that's why I went into government service in the first place — to make a difference.”