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Quinby Quoted on Messiah Complex

Lee Quinby, professor of American studies, was quoted in an article titled “Bush's Messiah Complex” in The Progressive magazine's February issue. The article was in the “Comment” section and details events in President George Bush's presidency that lead the writers to believe the President is “on a divine mission”.

“What I hear is a holy trinity of militarism, masculinism, and messianic zeal,” said Quinby. “It does follow the logic of apocalyptic thought, which has a religious base but is now secularized in the militaristic mode. Apocalyptic thought always has an element of instilling helplessness and promising victory in the face of that powerlessness. In this instance, Bush plays up the vulnerability we feel because of terrorism or Saddam Hussein and then accentuates the military as the assurance that our helplessness will be transformed.” This kind of thinking, said Quinby, is “dangerous because it prepares a nation for war without thinking about the impact on civilians and on the U.S. soldiers.”