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Advertising/PR Day opens new career paths

Students got a taste of some exciting career possibilities at the Advertising and Public Relations Day, Wednesday, Jan. 3 in New York City.

“The opportunity was amazing, said Josh Strenger '09. “This experience couldn’t have happened at any other school.

(For a gallery of images from the event, click here.)

Students learned about the world of advertising and public relations from successful alumni and alumnae now working in the industry. The day included visits to Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Edelman public relations firms, and an evening panel of advertising executives from McCann Ericson, Seiter & Miller Advertising, Cliff Freeman & Partners, Innovation Interactive, the Harvard Business Review and others.

“I didn’t know much about PR before the event, said Hannah Wesley '07. “It taught me everything and opened me eyes to different sectors of the industry. It has helped me figure out what I want to do and introduced me to people who can help me achieve my goals.

Strenger reflected on one particularly good piece of advice. “Do what you love, he said, “and the money will follow.

Parents and alums who helped make the event possible include Arthur Bijur '77, David Evans '92, Tim Faxon '06, Tom Hadlock '64, Paul Hicks P'09, Will Margiloff '92, James Patten '92 and Susan Weingram '91.

The Office of Career Services hosted five networking events in New York City and Washington over the holiday break. These events focused on the advertising/PR, media, financial, fashion and political careers.