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Hobart Junior Called to Service

Ten months ago, Hobart junior Peter Beaulieu, a biology major who plans to become a physician, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. “My motivation is to serve my country,” he says of his decision.

Beaulieu’s mettle will now be thoroughly tested as he is called to active duty. On Feb. 12, Beaulieu’s unit, the 8th Tank Battalion in Rochester, is being sent to the Middle East. There he will serve as a tank resupplyman, restocking tanks for ground forces.

Beaulieu went to boot camp in May 2002 and has trained one weekend a month since then. His battalion of 250 Marines is due to receive one final training session Feb. 8 and 9, before being dispatched.

Recently, Beaulieu, who is a writing colleagues minor, spoke before two of Professor Susan Hess’ writing and rhetoric classes. “I wanted to take the war out of the abstract for them,” he said.

When students asked why he enlisted, Beaulieu responded, “Who am I to sit here on this awesome campus overlooking the lake while someone else goes off and fights for our country? Since September 11, I started to notice the freedoms we have. We’re privileged, but we only have those freedoms because somebody fought and died for them. I want to give back. I believe in service.”

Beaulieu said he will try to send e-mails to campus, to keep the situation in the Middle East very real for his friends on campus. (Those notes will be posted here on the Daily Update.)

Beaulieu is the son of David and Louise Beaulieu of Ocean Park, Maine. He is an R.A., a tour guide for admissions and a member of the Orange Key and Chimera honor societies, It Might Be Funny improv group and Student Life and Leadership Institute. As a first-year, he presented geological research on Lake Ontario at the National Geological Society annual meeting. He also has played on the Statesmen golf and crew teams. He has worked for the past five years as a transport aide at the Maine Medical Center, assisting surgical patients, when not attending classes.