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Physical Chemistry Class Goes to Corning Museum of Glass

The Office of the Provost provided Assistant Professor of Chemistry Carol Parish's CHEM 322 Physical Chemistry II class funds to visit the Corning Museum of Glass. While at the museum the class toured the facility and watched the technicians blow glass objects.

They learned about the various techniques involved and connected the information from the craftsmen with physical chemistry they learned in the classroom. Then members in the class were given the opportunity for hands-on experience with the glass-blowing techniques.

Each student in the class created a blown-glass flower. The class also made an extra flower, which they then presented to Patricia Stranahan, provost and dean of the faculty, in gratitude for providing funds for the trip.

“The flower is just beautiful,” said Stranahan.

Students in the class were juniors Aaron Coffin, Sarah Green, Evan Hurley, Julia James, Sarah Roberts, Mike Roussell, Zach Schneider, Jeff Sullivan, Elina Tserlin, and Matt Yarger, and sophomore Max Zimmerley.

“It was a great experience that allowed us to see the numerous relationships the exist between chemistry and art and allowed us hands-on experience with furnace-work,” said Parish of the trip. “This is a glass-making technique that is not possible at HWS and complements the flameworking methods that we are currently learning in physical chemistry class.”