Border City Principal Appreciates Help from Colleges Students – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Border City Principal Appreciates Help from Colleges Students

Border City School Principal Wendy Doyle praised the collaboration between the school and Hobart and William Smith Colleges students at the Waterloo school board meeting Feb. 10. Since 1998, she said, the school has worked with college students in programs that allow them to interact with the children. Doyle said administrators started the partnership with the help of William Smith Associate Dean Amy Teal, who had a child at Border City. Among the services Colleges students have done for the school, Doyle mentioned the “America Reads” and “Homework Helpers” programs, as well as community service odd jobs done by first-year students. She also praised work done by Julie Reineke '02, a chemistry and education major, who in the fall of 2000 created science kits for each classroom, inventoried all science materials and conducted hands-on lab experiments for students in Level II and Level III.

Doyle said that when preparing for her presentation, she started working with someone in the Study Abroad office at the Colleges, and they will now add a program involving students who study abroad.

“I believe these people are truly valuable,” Doyle said of all those participating in the partnership. “With the bigger balancing act we need to do with the budget, we should really look at our community resources and give everyone a chance to be a stakeholder in our schools.”

Doyle's comments were in the Feb. 11 Finger Lakes Times story “Border City-HWS programs lauded”.