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HWS Students Get Film Careers in Focus

Heavey '09, Schraeter '09, Strenger '09 and Levy '08 intern at Zoomari Films in New York City.

Lights! Camera! Intern! In the heart of New York City, four Hobart and William Smith students are hard at work setting up lights, operating cameras, and getting into all the action at Zoomari Films. John Heavey '09, Samantha Schraeter '09, Joshua Strenger '09 and Jonah Levy '08 are the fortunate few getting immersed in the film production process.

“From the get go, this has been a very good experience–an unmatchable learning opportunity,” says Heavey. “Being provided the privilege to work in the realm of a huge industry within such a small company allows us to truly understand what they do and how they do it.”

What makes this opportunity even greater for these HWS students is the fact that Zoomari's founders are Hobart alumni. Rich Schlansker '90 and Marc Bloomgarden '90 are the founders, directors and producers at the New York City-based film production company. Since graduating in 1990, Rich and Marc have built a company “specializing in film and high-definition projects” such as music videos, concert films, commercials, fashion productions and much more.

With their film know-how, these two Hobart experts are happy to introduce members of the HWS community to the film-making process. Schlansker says that having HWS interns “Allows me to reconnect with the Hobart and William Smith campus. It’s also a great way for these interns to connect with us and the film-making process. All the while everyone has a great deal of comfort because we’re all in some way connected to Hobart and William Smith.”

Schlansker and Bloomgarden are also making sure that Heavey, Schraeter, Strenger and Levy interact with every aspect of film production.

“We knew that these four students had a great work ethic and the right kind of attitude,” explains Schlansker, “which is essential because we’re having these interns involved in all parts of the production process.”

They are a part of on-set operations, directing some productions, contacting new clients, and participating in a short film tutorial. “Not only am I learning about the production side of the business, but I am learning about the PR side as well,” notes Schraeter.

Strenger agrees. “I am learning new things everyday about the film industry. This is an amazing opportunity.”

When this once-in-a-lifetime experience ends for these students, Heavey is sure that they will all “walk away with anything and everything we could conceive of from this internship.”

John Heavey, pictured above, at his desk at Zoomari Films in New York City.