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High School Students Diving into Environmental Research

Nearly 40 high school juniors and seniors from across the country will engage with HWS faculty in taking a hands-on approach to the environment at the Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute.

The Colleges will host the two-week, college credit-bearing program from Sunday, July 15 to Saturday the 28th, offering students an introduction to environmental issues through activities such as studying water quality, analyzing lakes and bogs and an excursion to the Adirondack region. The program will also take advantage of the Colleges’ laboratory facilities aboard the 65-foot oceanographic vessel, The HWS William F. Scandling, and those at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.

Focusing on a wide range of current topics, the program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the environment by addressing it from the perspectives of the sciences, political science, public policy, economics, history and art, among others.

It was this approach that first attracted Jim MaKinster, the director of the ESSYI, to the program. An education professor at HWS who has been part of the ESSYI faculty for five years and the director for two, MaKinster finds the approach to be essential in preparing participants for college.

“The most important thing is to provide these students with a better understanding of what it means to explore and understand environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, he said. “Hopefully, the ESSYI program will provide them with a sense of direction at the beginning of their academic careers.