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Plato’s Cave now available as a podcast

“Plato’s Cave,” the sharp, insightful and laugh-out-loud radio show created and hosted by Professor of Political Science Iva Deutchman and Professor of Media and Society Linda Robertson is now available as a podcast.

First-time listener? Miss an episode? No problem – catching-up on the duo’s fiery blend of political wit and insight is only a click away! After the show airs on WEOS on Thursday night, new episodes are posted every Friday morning. It has never been easier to tune in.

To subscribe, search for “Plato’s Cave on iTunes or copy and paste the following link into the feed-reader of your choice:

New to this whole podcasting thing? Keep reading!

What’s a Podcast?
In the simplest terms, it’s a radio show you can download to your computer. Many professionally done radio shows now offer podcast versions because of their convenience and global reach. Listeners either visit the show’s feed (a list of the latest episodes) in a Web browser or they add the feed to iTunes or other software that can automatically check it for new content. Like any other audio file, the episodes can be listened to on a portable music player, burned to CD or played right at your desk.

What’s “Plato’s Cave?
Plato’s Cave offers lively discourse, irreverence, and keen insight into the relationship between media and politics. A combination of Firing Line, Crossfire, and Car Talk, Plato’s Cave brings a unique perspective to politics and media, and to how they interact and affect one another.

“Unlike the know-it-all Sunday/CNN gasbags, we actually have advanced degrees and comment on subjects in our areas of expertise,” says Robertson. “We rely upon badinage, the quip, and serious analysis to help our audience feel that someone like them is thinking about the issues of the day in a way that takes news, politics, and culture seriously, but who knows that the best way to insight is often through humor.”

How do I listen?
There are dozens of ways! To get started, visit the Plato’s Cave feed in your Web browser. The right-hand sidebar offers numerous convenient options for subscribing with a variety of Web-based services and desktop software. The RSS feed can be copied and pasted directly into any appropriate software:

“Plato’s Cave is also listed in the iTunes Podcast directory. On-campus users may need to contact the IT Services helpdesk for authorization to install the software.

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