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Bookstore Expands Outdoors

As part of initiatives identified under the HWS2010 plan, this summer Hobart and William Smith will expand the boundaries of the College Store to the outdoors. Located between Sherrill Hall and St. Clair Street in front of the store, the new plaza space will include a brick paver patio, a stone and brick seating wall, and six café tables.

“This project will make the store an active destination place where faculty, students, staff, alums and visitors can meet, exchange ideas or simply relax, says Building and Grounds Manager Chris Button. “It will also create a new, more welcoming face for the store.

Construction is slated to begin as early as Monday, July 23, and will be completed before students return to campus in late August.

“Our Internet lounge and café on the main floor of the bookstore are already well-used, says College Store Director Lucille Smart. “The addition of the new plaza will afford customers an opportunity to gather in an outdoor environment that will be both casual and inviting.

In order to accomplish the project, the Buildings and Grounds Department will need to remove two locust trees on St. Clair that are showing signs of decay.

“One of the tenets of the Green Belt Movement, started by Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai Sc.D. ’94, P’94, P’96, is that if you cut down one tree, plant two more, says Tom Bonacci of Buildings and Grounds. “As part of the Colleges’ Tree Master Plan, we have followed that rule for years.

Accordingly, two river birch trees will be planted in front of Sherrill Hall while two others will be located elsewhere on campus, likely on the Hill.

“In removing the two unhealthy locusts, we can now replace the soil in front of Sherrill with a specially engineered mixture that can support the growth of trees beneath pavers, says Button.

“In the end, we’ll have a wonderful place for our community, says Smart.