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Illustrating Success in Italy

Diana Haydock ’09 interns at la Stamperia Braille and Museo Alinari in Florence

“Being thrown into a new environment has been invigorating, intriguing, educational, difficult and incredibly rewarding, says Diana Haydock ’09, a 2007 Salisbury International Stipend recipient interning in Florence, Italy, at la Stamperia Braille for Regione Toscana, a publisher of books and images for the blind.

“La Stamperia Braille has helped to establish a permanent exhibit at Museo Alinari [a photography museum in Florence] that provides photos with corresponding relief Braille images so that the visually impaired can better understand the collection, explains Haydock. “I have also restored pre-existing Braille reliefs that have deteriorated over time by being touched so often.

When she is not working on this exhibit, Haydock often constructs books for the visually impaired on educational subjects like geometry and biology. “I’m finishing a project for a children’s book called La Pimpa: di che colore e’ (“What color is it?”), which has textured pages made with different fabrics and materials to describe through touch what the real object is like.

Haydock has also found time to work with a familiar face while in Italy. “When I was in Gardone, I stayed with [Adjunct Professor of Italian] Elena Micheli-Lamboy, who was my Italian instructor at HWS last semester, she says. “We are now close friends, and she has hired me to help her do translations. I went with her to help with a translation for an American book about the Italian engraver Gianfranco Pedersoli.

Haydock credits the HWS faculty with preparing her for such an intense abroad experience. “My academic experience has clearly helped me be the well-rounded individual I am today, especially with the incredible faculty and opportunities available on campus, she explains.

“Classes with [Assistant Professors of Art] Bonnie Bennett, Michael Tinkler and Matt Kadane, as well as Micheli-Lamboy and [Instructor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies] Marisa DeSantis have definitely helped me prepare for this experience, not only because of the subject matter, but because of their personal one-on-one support. Between office hours, giving me responsibilities, believing in me and mentoring me, these professors have helped me on campus and abroad.

A double major in Art History and European Studies, Haydock also credits the Career Services Office. “They helped me prepare my résumé and the Salisbury internship essay. There are so many wonderful people in the CSO office willing to help me.

When she’s not working, Haydock says that she likes to window shop, visit museums and as she says, “just try to get lost. This summer, she’s already traveled to 15 Italian cities.

“Trustee Charles H. Salisbury Jr. ’63, P’94 is extremely generous to have given me this opportunity, Haydock explains. “I think that it’s imperative for Hobart and William Smith Colleges to continue to offer such amazing experiences to its students with the help of distinguished alums. The experience has transformed my life.