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A Behind-the-Scenes Internship

Christine Casado '07 interns at “All My Children”

After spending her days at Hobart and William Smith studying and writing films, Christine Casado '07 now finds herself in the center of showbiz. The recent William Smith graduate is now interning at ABC's daytime drama, “All My Children.”

“Every day is an experience,” Casado says. “The staff here at the show has me doing a whole range of tasks. I sit in the control room to observe the director at work; I am often in charge of printing and distributing scripts to the producer, director and actors. Sometimes, I work on the set watching every aspect of the show in action; and I also do whatever else is needed for anyone on staff.”

While Casado watches from behind the scenes, she studies what is going on around her. “I'm primarily here to see how things are done,” she says. “So, for me, my internship is also a first-hand experience of every aspect of entertainment business. I am learning so much about the entire process from script writing to filming to editing. For instance, I am able to hold actual scripts to read and learn from. My favorite part of this internship is being in the control room, watching the director cutting between camera shots to capture the storyline. Being exposed to so many of these things helps me to get an exact idea of what I want to do in the industry.”

Casado, the president of the Spring 2007 Student Film Archives Film Festival, finds scenes from her HWS days replaying while at her internship. “I have taken a lot of film courses with [Associate Professor of English] Liz Lyon,” says Casado, an English major with a film concentration.

“I edited, directed and filmed two films with the instruction of Professor Lyon, so there are many things that I've learned from her that I see in action at 'All My Children.' For instance, when I watch the director calling for certain camera shots, I know why because of Professor Lyon's film courses.”

In addition to all of this learning, Casado's internship in showbiz definitely has its perks. “I've seen a lot of stars around ABC Studios,” she explains. “I saw the Rev. Al Sharpton, 2006 American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, many of the women from “The View,” and others.”

“So everyday is pretty cool,” says Casado. “It's an inside look at something most of us see everyday but would never guess what it takes to put together.”