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A Wealth of Information

Bloomberg Technology Puts the Colleges on the Cutting Edge

“Our Bloomberg screen provides faculty and students with access to all markets all over the world in real time, says Economics Professor Patrick McGuire, referring to the desktop computer and Bloomberg software given to the Colleges as a gift in kind facilitated by Peter Grauer P’06, president and chairman of Bloomberg LP, in 2004.

“Not only can they find stocks of interest, but they can also view corporate and government reports, individual articles, domestic and international business papers and so much more. It’s really mind-boggling the amount of information that Bloomberg makes accessible to us on campus.

More and more students and faculty are beginning to tap into this wealth of information. “During this summer and last summer we’ve used the Bloomberg screen for different research projects that are helping us form an economic profile of the Finger Lakes region, says economics and international relations double major, Hristo Dimitrov ’08. “This tool lets students look at all the economic variables related to almost any topic unlike many other search engines, which are really very limited. This is a big reason why the Bloomberg computer will be essential to the honors project I’m doing in the fall with Professor McGuire.

And the potential of this powerful screen seems limitless. “It really is a bottomless resource of the most sophisticated and in-depth economic data in the business, says McGuire. “I plan on getting my intro students involved with the Bloomberg computer in the coming academic year, but the machine’s capability is not limited to economics students, he clarifies. “Political science students, for example, could use it to research aspects of the federal government while environmental studies students could use it to evaluate energy use throughout the world, just to name a few.

“The Bloomberg computer has so much potential for people interested in stocks and for economics classes, honors projects, and other students and faculty doing high-level research, says Jake Napier ’09, a public policy major and the President of Hobart Student Government. “We should remember that few institutions have this caliber of technology on their campus. It’s an amazing gift and one that HWS students will continue to benefit from.