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Immersed in Mexican Cinema

Felipe Estefan ’08 interned at the Mexican Institute of Cinematography in Mexico City

“Only now, after working and researching in Mexico, do I truly understand the conditions of making films in Latin America, says Felipe Estefan ’08, who interned at the Mexican Institute of Cinematography in Mexico City as one of three recipients of a 2007 Salisbury International Stipend internship.

“At the Cinematography Institute, I did quite a bit of translating, interviewing, press release writing and general publicity work: all related to current projects at the Institute, Estefan explains.

He also conducted research on contemporary Mexican cinema. “I interviewed and spoke with a lot of people involved in the industry. Many people who I worked with were also screenwriters, producers and so on.

“I saw with my own eyes a lot of the personal, social and financial struggles involved in making films in Mexico. From all of these experiences, I began to get a first-hand idea of the climate and content of the film-making industry in Mexico, Estefan says.

His Salisbury Stipend also allowed him to explore Mexico. He visited the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, the pyramids and ruins in Teotihuacan, the Voladores de Papantla performers and protests in the main plaza, the Zócalo, of Mexico City.

In the coming year, Estefan will transform these experiences and interviews into a major academic text. “A lot of my research here feeds into the honors project that I have planned. My project will study the comeback of Mexican cinema in the past decade, specifically young people’s involvement in this change, explains Estefan.

Estefan, an international student from Colombia, also studied abroad in England during Spring 2006. “I’ve found studying abroad to be an academic, cultural, personal and professional learning experience. My experience in Mexico is no exception; it will definitely guide me after graduation.

On campus, Estefan is a double major in Media and Society and International Relations as well as a double minor in Peer Education and Human Relations and the Writing Colleagues program. He is also active in the President’s Commission for Inclusive Excellence, the International Student’s Association and is the Hobart representative for Diversity, Equity and Social Justice.