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Ost’s book mentioned in Polish parliamentary debate

Professor of Political Science David Ost and his recent book, “The Defeat of Solidarity,” were cited by former prime minister of Poland Waldemar Pawlak during a debate in parliament on Friday, Sept. 7. The nationally televised debate concerned a motion to dissolve parliament and hold new elections.

Since his book appeared in Polish translation in May of this year, Ost has been cited by numerous Polish politicians, scholars, newspapers and magazines. The arguments of his book and articles now figure frequently in the country’s political and intellectual debates.

In addition, Ost recently published two essays: “The Personal and Political in Interwar Poland, which appeared in East European Political and Societies; and “The Kaczynski Anachronism, which appeared in the Warsaw weekly Europa.

Later this month, Ost is scheduled to present a paper at the annual conference of the Polish Sociological Association, where there will also be a special panel on his book.

Ost, a member of the faculty since 1986, holds a bachelor's degree from State University at Stony Brook and his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.